Picture: JPS Lotus '72

Grand Prix Icon : Lotus 72.

Here we bring you the latest news on how the production of our 'Grand Prix Icon : Lotus 72' DVD is progressing. For me, personally, the 72 is the most attractive Grand Prix car ever, therefore I've decided to produce a documentary on it and tell its story.

I didn't just want to tell the story of the car when it took part in Grands Prix from 1970 to 1975, but also some of the behind the scenes fun.

In March this year we filmed interview was with former Team Lotus mechanic and current FIA employee Herbie Blash. Herbie took time out from his busy schedule to sit down with me and give some behind the scenes glimpses of the 1969 and 1970 seasons at Team Lotus with the Lotus 49 and 72.

So far we have been lucky to interview drivers John Miles and Emerson Fittipaldi, but also Lotus Team Manager Peter Warr and team mechanics Herbie Blash & Beaky Sims. We contacted former Lotus employees who have all added their tales to the story. I also wanted to bring the story right up to date and feature the car as it now races in historic events. We have also interviewed at least two people who have owned a 72 and raced in historic meetings, along with the story of the restoration in 1985 of Chassis 6, Ronnie Peterson's car.

Picture: Gary Critcher, Bob Dance, David Sims Here's a photo taken at one of our film shoots. Left to right: myself, Bob Dance and David ‘Beaky’ Sims. Dave gave us nearly an hour on tape, telling us what it was like to work on the 72 from the very start. In fact, he was actually part of the team that built Chassis 1. He also gave us his thoughts on working with Colin Chapman, Jochen Rindt, John Miles and Reine Wisell. Great stuff. My old friend Bob Dance joined us after lunch to take part in filming for another project of mine. Can you imagine what it was like when Dave and Bob got chatting? Bob gave Dave his very first job at Team Lotus working on the Lotus Cortinas back in 1966 so they go back a long way! Real F1 history in this photo.

There will be an additional disc of extra items which will include things like on‐board video at the 2006 Monaco Historics and the Nurburgring, footage from Donington Park in 1991 of the '25 Years of 3‐Litre Formula One' event, the auction of chassis 4 and much more.

I have sourced a plethora of unseen movie film to use in the programme along with rare stills too. So, if you think you will be seeing that well known shot of Emerson at Brands in 1972, think again! Please keep checking back for updates as we go along!

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Here is a short 90‐second excerpt from the DVD. This is Peter Warr and Emerson Fittipaldi explaining the new John Player Special livery:

Here's a 6 minute excerpt from our exclusive interview with Team Lotus mechanic Jim Pickles. Jim was Emerson’s mechanic all through the championship winning year of 1972 and then into 1973:

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Picture: Glod Leaf Lotus '72
Picture: Herbie Blash being interviewed for 'Grand Prix Icon : Lotus 72' Picture: John Player Special Lotus '72
Picture: A Lotus '72 Picture: Emerson Fittipaldi being interviewed for 'Grand Prix Icon : Lotus 72'
Picture: Emerson Fittipaldi in a Lotus '72 Picture: Filming for 'Grand Prix Icon : Lotus 72'

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